Simply put, summers in Calgary are the best. 


True Calgarians maximize the long summer hours and sunny days because we appreciate the value of these precious moments. No. More. Snow. Please! 


Summer always comes with the best connotations that associate memories with smell and scrumptious taste: fresh fruit, summer salad, fire roasted smokies, and s’mores, all washed down with a chilled beverage. All you need now is a picnic basket and a green patch of grass! 


At Visionary Catering, we offer a selection of BBQ chicken, pulled pork, hamburger sliders and buns. Nothing beats savoury delicious food that can be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors with zero effort. (We deliver and offer an onsite server if needed)!


Calgary summers are so short but incredibly sweet because Calgarians know how to maximize that summer BBQ. We know the true value of 27 degrees celsius in comparison to minus 40 degrees celsius!


Give us a call at 403-264-7447 and book your Calgary Summer BBQ now!